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While most people spend their vacations relaxing on a beach or hanging out at Deep Creek Lake, I thought it would be a cool idea to try launching three new businesses slash side hustles over my vacation – easy right? – haha nope.

Let’s dive in: (sorry for the vacation joke :p)

  1. New businesses take a lot of time.
  • Wow, so original right? Well it’s true haha, between trying to keep up with my fitness goals, soaking up some much needed and dearly missed sun, and talking to old friends from school and college, starting new businessses can be a huge time sink – albeit a prosperous one.
  • If you’re a time-to-time perfectionist like me, make sure that you’re ready to work long nights or give up a few fun times to get things rolling.
  1. Be prepared for early setbacks.
  • Despite my ambition and drive, some things – like verified PayPal business accounts, new domain DNS propagation, and other things – don’t always move as quickly as I do, and that’s ok. 
  • I would have liked to get further ahead during my vacation, but these unfortunate delays did ensure that I had time to relax and enjoy some downtime and exercise during my vacation.
  1. Starting a new side hustle is really exciting – starting three is a lot.
  • Most new things are really exciting, but tackling three at once –  at an expedited rate – may have been a bit ambitious. 
  • Nonetheless, at the end of the week, all three are ready to roll, pending a few things I’m getting worked out (like payments, etc…) that will be needed at a later date.

Ok, there it is. I had a really fun week, and hopefully this gives you a little insight into what starting multiple new businesses at once can be like.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day!

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